All Poetry is Prayer

Church, meet Poetry. Poetry, meet Church. It is about time these two old friends found each other again. All Poetry is Prayer seeks to make that connection as easy and as beautiful as possible. This project is directed at worship leaders, pastors, small group leaders, and individuals who are open to exploring poetry in worship.  If you are looking to add depth and creativity to your church or small group, incorporating poetry might be the simplest and most meaningful way to make the old, new.

So, what is All Poetry is Prayer?

  • A hand-elected library of poems to use in worship
  • A journal of ideas for incorporating poetry in worship
  • Resources for busy, artful worship planners

About the Editor

Amy Sawyer is both a poet and a Christian, working to reunite those two estranged worlds. While earning her MFA in Creative Writing, she studied poetry in and out of the Christian tradition, finding many kindred spirits along the way. She’s been a part of a different misfit Christian congregations that allow her the space to try new approaches to creative worship. She’s led house churches, small groups, and elements of corporate worship for the past decade.  Her favorite dead white guy poet is William Blake. Her poetry appears in numerous literary journals, including Stand Magazine, South Carolina Review, and Mud Season Review. Her life revolves around two kids, a dog, and a husband who do their best to drive her crazy, daily.

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