All Poetry is Prayer is designed for people who want a quick and easy way to include poetry in their worship settings. like a Poetry Drive-Thru for worship planners or individual worshippers. This is a place for inspiration, where you can find ideas on how to creatively engage the imaginations of your congregation through poetry. This is a place for education, to learn about poets in the Christian tradition and to deepen your relationship with poetry. We are trying to make poetry approachable to Christians to open up your communication with God.

You’ll find blog posts, worship ideas, a poetry library, and resources to help you along the way. Often the poetry world can seem dreadfully dull, overly academic, or far removed from our daily lives. I pray that would not be the case here. My goal is to make this fun and interesting. Plus, you will impress your significant other when you can quote some lines from George Herbert over dinner tomorrow night.

We are entering the murky waters of Christian worship poetry which can be a very dark place, indeed. All Poetry is Prayer will be your guide to steer you away from sentimental and inspirational poetry towards poetry after God’s own heart. Poems featured here will not always follow the catechism of any of the branches of Christianity. The poems’ ideas will not hold up to vigorous theological scrutiny nor will they all be Pope (or Pastor or Bishop or…)-approved. But they will challenge and encourage you and your congregation.

You are here because you care about the written word and you care about the power of a worshipping body. Or you are here because you are my second cousin and followed the Facebook link and wanted to figure out what the heck I am doing with my life. Hello to you, too.  You will never regret time spent with poetry. It will change your worshipping life.