I want a god
as my accomplice
who spends nights
in houses
of ill repute
and gets up late
on Saturdays
a god
who whistles
through the streets
and trembles
before the lips
of his lover
a god
who waits in line
at the entrance
of movie houses
and likes to drink
café au lait
a god
who spits
blood from
tuberculosis and
doesn’t even have
enough for bus fare
a god
by the billy club
of a policeman
at a demonstration
a god
who pisses
out of fear
before the flaring
of torture
a god
who hurts
to the last
bone and
bites the air
in pain
a jobless god
a striking god
a hungry god
a fugitive god
an exiled god
an enraged god
a god
who longs
from jail
for a change
in the order
of things
I want a
more godlike
By Francisco X. Alarcon 
Translated by Francisco Aragon
Source: From the Other Side of Night/Del otro lado de la noche (University of Arizona Press, 2002)